• Has been in existence since 1984.
  • Various instructors have been with the club.
  • Numerous provincial team members.
  • Affiliated with the Judo Alberta, Judo Canada, and Edmonton Yudanshakai Judo Society

A Brief History Of Judo

1860 Birth of Jigoro Kano, the founder of Judo
1882 Kano founded the Kodokan Judo Institute at Eishoji
Temple in Tokyo with
mats and 9 students.
1938 Kano died at sea.
European and British Judo Association formed.
International Judo Federation formed in Europe
Panamerican Judo Union formed.
First world championship in Tokyo, Japan.
1964 First appearance at Olympics in Tokyo, Japan.
There are currently 194 countries practicing judo.
1924 Judo introduced to west coast by Takagaki, 4th dan.
Before and during World War II, many Japanese were
relocated to other parts of Canada. After the war, many
remained in their new communities. This was the
beginning of the Raymond and Lethbridge Judo Clubs in
Alberta, Hatashita Judo Club in Toronto and the Montreal
Early 1950s European black belts, mainly in Quebec, formed the
Canadian Judo Federation which was affiliated with the
IJF. Canadian Kodokan Black Belt Association formed with
Sasaki as President in 1956. Umetsu became President of
CKBBA and CKBBA was admitted to the IJF. Hatashita
became the 3rd President of CKBBA. Haunberger became the
4th President of CKBBA. Wright became the 5th President
of CKBBA. Kojima became the 6th President of the CKBBA.
1943 Raymond Judo Club formed by Katsuta, 4th dan and Senda, 1st dan.
1944 Picture Butte Judo Club started by Hashizume, 2nd dan and Kuramoto, 1st dan.
1952 The Alberta Yudanshakai (black belt association) was formed in Lethbridge with Katsuta as President.
1957 Hashizume became the 2nd President of the Alberta Kodokan Black Belt Association.
1959 Yosh Senda was the 3rd President of the Judo Alberta.
1976 Allan Sattin was the 4th President of the Judo Alberta.
1980 Ron Senda became the 5th President of the Judo Alberta.
1986 Bill Cox became the 6th President of Judo Alberta.
1989 Frank Perich became the 7th President of Judo Alberta.
1995 Mike Tamura became the 8th President Judo Alberta.
2001 Garry Yamashita became the 9th President of Judo Alberta.
2007 Paul Hachey becomes the 10th President of Judo Alberta.
2009 Gord Okamura becomes the 11th President of Judo Alberta.(Interm)
2009 Kelly Thornton becomes the 12th President of Judo Alberta.
2016 Trevor Hazell becomes the 13th President of Judo Alberta.
1955 First club formed in Edmonton, with an instructor
from the RCMP.
1958 The Kodokwai club was formed by Doug Bone, Ray
Kelly, Don Cruise and Vic Hunt.
1962 The Edmonton District Judo Society was formed and
Henry de Graff was the first instructor of the Jasper
Place Judokwai.
1965 John van Doorn was the junior instructor at Jasper
Place Judo Club under Ron Van den Heuvel.
1975 Belgravia Community League started the Belgravia
Judo Club with John van Doorn as the Chief Instructor.
1981 Bill Cox became the Chief Instructor of Belgravia
Judo Club when John van Doorn retired.
1984 Belgravia Judo Club became a society.
1986 Belgravia Judo Club became Tokugawa Judo Club.
1999 Kelly Thornton became the Chief Instructor at
Tokugawa Judo Club.
2016 Tokugawa Judo Club purchases building for judo club at 9647-62ave.