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Judo and Covid

With restrictions due to Covid-19 and with school going back to in-class sessions, the club has decided not to run a demo night this year. In its placement, one can contact Kelly Thornton at kellyt4d@telus.net for a private viewing of the club.

September classes will only be for returning members.

Come October, we will be accepting new members. You will get 4 classes to try out judo.

 We will not be running kids(5-7) classes till January.

Come see what judo is and see our fantastic facility.



 Mondays/Wednesdays -    Intermediate 6:30-7:30pm     Adult 8:00-9:30pm

                                                                                                                                     (8-12yr olds)                           (13 and up)

Covid Procedures

Judo Return to Play Covid Giudelines complete

The following protocol details the different steps to be followed for holding a judo session given the return to judo plan in Phase 4 – Working in Cohorts. Clubs are permitted to run classes regularly (full-contact) with cohorts of up to 50 people (max). Cohorts must train together throughout the duration of Phase 4 with the following restrictions:
 No inter-cohort training until further notice. (Ex: Member of Cohort A cannot train with Cohort B at any given time)
 If clubs are running multiple cohort sessions, there must be staggered start times to ensure the facility is sanitized properly prior to any training sessions.
 Coaches/instructors wishing to coach multiple cohorts must maintain 2 metre social distancing with all participants.
 Multi-sport athletes must identify themselves to plan isolation training accordingly
 Parents and spectators do not count towards the cohort limit. They must maintain 2 metre social distancing.
These measures apply as much for participants and accompanying person as for instructors and club staff:
 Upon arrival at the club:
o Temperature Taken
o Attendance of each session should be tracked.
o Take off shoes and wear sandals / zori or equivalent.
o Wash hands with hand sanitizers.
o Ensure that each participant has the necessary items (bag, bottle of water, sandals, etc.) to attend the session.
o It is important to have someone assigned to greet members at the entrance to the club
and remind them the measures to follow when inside the club.
 Participants will need to go to the bathroom before the session.
 The locker rooms must remain closed. Participants will have to arrive in judogi.
 Participants should put their personal belongings in their bag and leave it in a designated place.
 Wash hands with hand sanitizer before stepping on the mat.
 Traditional bow.
 The session takes place in a traditional way, but the participants respect the prevention instructions.
 Cleaning / disinfection of the equipment used must be carried out before and after each session.
 A tatami cleaning / disinfection must be carried out at the end of each day.
 When leaving the club, was hands with hand sanitizer.

The following tables list the steps and measures to be observed in the context of Phase 4 – Working in Cohorts: WORKING IN COHORTS: Sanitary Conditions
If you have symptoms stay home.
Avoid contact with people showing symptoms and if you are unable to, stay home.
If you live with someone in risk stay home.
If you are a person at risk, stay home.
Respect the prevention instructions
Complying at all times with the usual hygiene rules required by a judoka

WORKING IN COHORTS: Welcoming Protocol 4
Anyone arriving at the club will have their temperature taken.
Anyone arriving to the training must take the screening check list before arrival.
An attendance list must be tracked at the start of each session
Coach/Instructor reviews screen check list with training group. Reminder of rules and protocols of the training must be outlined.
Participants must have previously provided emergency contact information
Ensure participants have all the necessary items to attend the practice. Participants must bring their own water bottle.
Participants must arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before the start of the session.
No one will be allowed to step on the mat surface before the start of the session until instructed to so by the head instructor.
When arriving to and leaving the session, wash hands with hand sanitizer

WORKING IN COHORTS: Disinfecting and Cleaning
Anyone arriving to the club must take off their shoes and wear sandals/ or equivalent.
Hand sanitizers must always be available at the club entrance and next to the tatami.
Participants should come to the club with a sports bag or equivalent to store their personal belongings.
Except in exceptional cases, it will be forbidden to go to the toilet during the session.
Participants must wash their judogi after each session.
Cleaning/disinfecting of the tatami and equipment used must be carried out before and after each session
At the end of each day, the entire club must be disinfected (all surfaces, chairs, toilets, door handles, etc.)

WORKING IN COHORTS: Recommended Activities 4
Tandoku-Renshu with equipment (elastic, training dummy)
Geiko with the same designate partner during the whole session. Possible work in cooperation and/or opposition.
Tachi-Waza et Ne-Waza: Work skills and fundamental techniques
Postures, movement, coordinator, mobility
Any teaching adapted to comply with respiratory hygiene and prevention instructions.



Online Registrations for the 202.-2021 season will open at the end of August.

Click to register   REGISTRATION

You have the choice of the annual or semester fees.

Annual runs sept-May / Semester 1 runs Sept-Jan / Semester 2 runs Jan-May

Club fees JA fees JC fees Total
Intermediate(under 12)  $ 225.00  $               75.00  $              25.00  $         325.00
Intermediate(12 to 15)  $ 225.00  $               90.00  $              25.00  $         340.00
Adult  $ 260.00  $               90.00  $              25.00  $         375.00
Club fees JA fees JC fees Total
Intermediate(under 12)  $ 320.00  $               75.00  $              25.00  $         420.00
Intermediate(12 to 15)  $ 320.00  $               90.00  $              25.00  $         435.00
Adult  $ 410.00  $               90.00  $              25.00  $         525.00

Annual Fees:      Intermediate Class-320    Adult Class-$410

 Semester Fees:  Intermediate Class-$225 Adult Class-$260

2 or more family members are eligible for a 25% discount on registration fees.

All members must also join Judo Alberta and Judo Canada. These fees will be paid thru the online club registration. The club will then register the members with Judo Alberta and Judo Canada.

Judo Alberta fees: U8,U10,U12=$70       U14,U16=$80         U18,U21,21+=$90                   Judo Canada fees: $25



All members are required to volunteer at bingos( or pay them out at $100/bingo).

New members are required to sign up for 3 bingos

Returning members are required to sign up for 5 bingos.

Members in the kids class only require 1 bingo.

Signup sheets are at the club.

About the Club


The Tokugawa Judo Club is a non profit organization registered with Alberta Registries. Our organization is governed with respect to the Alberta Societies act, the AGLC, the Edmonton Yudanshakai Judo Society and Judo Alberta.

Club History

Mission Statement


  • To promote the Olympic sport of judo
  • To promote the well being and safety of our members
  • To be role models for our community at large
  • To develop recreational, beginner, advanced, and elite athletes
  • To promote physical fitness
  • To have competent and certified instructors

History of the club


  • Started in 1984
  • May 2-Got the keys to the new facility
  • Numerous provincial team members
  • Affiliated with Judo Alberta

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See Us in Action!


We have some of the best instructors at Tokugawa Judo Club.

Kelly Thornton
Chief Instructor

5th Degree Black Belt

Over 38 years in the sport.

Franz Lennarson 
Assistant Instructor

2nd Degree Black Belt.

Peter Dajavs 
Assistant Instructor

1st Degree Black Belt.

Morag Green
Assistant Instructor

1st Degree Black Belt.

Calendar- kids Mon/Wed 615-700pm, intermediate Mon/Wed 700-800pm Adult classes run Mon/Wed 800-930pm


  • Tokugawa Judo Club
  • 9647 62 Ave NW
  • Edmonton, AB
  • P: (780) 886-9920
  • E: info@tokugawajudoclub.com
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